To my conservative friends

To my conservative friends

If you really believe in shrinking government, if you really want to cut taxation and the national debt, if you really want to get our economy growing again:

Then I hope you will join the liberty movement in saying “NO” to hand-outs for the blood suckers who have bled us all dry.

The largest single group out there using its influence to gain favor from the gang-called-government in the form of your taxes and your grand children’s debt is the military-industrial complex, the failed banking cartels, and other crony capitalists.

We all know what costs so-called “social programs” have attached to them; how they are unfounded nightmares costing the poor their job opportunities and dignity.

But what about the costs of militarism? The wars fought to expand empires have destroyed the lives of the poor and property of all. The programs to fund unneeded weapons have cost us our prosperity. And what if the lost trade? As our factories turn out weapons of war, our materials and capital are used to make more enemies instead of trading partners. Our children, yet unborn, are enemies of people they have never met and debt slaves to these wars both covert and overt.

The costs of TARP and economic “stimulus” have kept us from the benefits of a truly free market. It has kept prices high to serve the few. It has further destroyed our currency and compounded the debt. It has resulted in inflation that has robbed our elderly of the purchasing power of their savings and investments. It has shifted more manufacturing and resource development to other economies and robbed our young of future employment and opportunities for starting their own businesses.

If you see these blood suckers, mind your wallet. Commit to protecting our economy from these corporate welfare queens.


2 thoughts on “To my conservative friends

  1. Sou um cara criado na America latina, Brazil. Nós sempre vivemos com imensas injustiças sociais – muito maior que os EE UU. Apesar de termos progredidos um pouco nos últimos anos, há muita coisa a fazer para que se alcance um nível de oportunidades iguais entre nossos cidadãos. Na realidade, só notamos alguns avanços em nossa sociedade com a intervenção do estado, por exemplo, nos últimos anos foram triplicadas as vagas no ensino universitário e dobrado o percentual de investimento na Educação em relação ao PIB. Acredito que um mundo mais justo deve ser construído pela cooperação entre homens e povos. Para termos oportunidades iguais, pelo menos no Brazil, temos que corrigir as desigualdades com a intervenção do estado ou será que diminuindo o estado faremos estas correções? Bem, a questão é quem nasceu primeiro o ovo ou galinha? – Pois me parece que são frutos da evolução…
    Estamos de pleno acordo que a industria bélica além quebrar orçamentos dos países, ainda faz jorrar sangue e desentendimentos entre os povos do mundo….
    Parece que a humanidade conquistou um grande avanço democrático com a INTERNET – apesar dos governos espiões…

    Um Mundo Ecumênico mais justo e com oportunidades iguais só será possível com o entendimento, com ideias e argumentos de parte a parte…. A violência e a Guerra são desnecessárias…


    • Brigado pelos comentários inteligentes! Cousin, if you would permit me to comment in English, I would be very appreciative.

      The internet, as you say has been a great boon. To democracy. But what is “democracy”? Democracy is the rule of a majority over a minority. When asking the question “which came first, chicken or egg?” I assume that you refer to the state and the people. The state would have you believe that the state came first, and that the individual persons residing in her- their property- their rights… All have their origins in the state.

      I say this is a falsehood. Statism, that is to say the creation of statist enclaves, is an antique from colonialism and imperialism. Statism must go the way of colonialism and imperialism as well as socialism and communism to free the individual from control of others.

      What I believe is that every human has the same right to their property and rights. Inalienable, undeniable, irrevocable rights to life and property. It doesn’t matter if this person is wealthy or poor. Light or dark skinned. Their language means nothing in reference to these rights.

      States, whether organized for the benefit of the few or the many abridge these rights for the convenience of either the masses or the elite. Both are wrong.

      What the internet has done is connect us all, individuals form vastly different parts of the globe, in demanding that our freedoms and rights be recognized.

      One hopes that one day we will all recognize that a state that takes from the few to give to the many is no better than a state that takes from the many to give to the few.


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