Is Taxation Theft?

A great article from a brother

He very patiently explains that “taxation IS theft”.

Read on, good folk .


Was scanning the news feed and came across a short blip from a Keynesian economist that wrote something along these lines —

If you’re ever debating with a libertarian, you’ll invariably end up being accused of supporting theft because you believe people have a social duty to fulfill by paying their taxes.  Taxation is not theft.  It’s more akin to paying rent.  Plus, you get things in return for your taxes, so that’s hardly theft.  You can also vote against raising taxes.  . . .  And you DO have social responsibilities.  No man is an island unto himself.


<deep breath>

Imagine you have $10.  You can spend it on one thing or several items.  You decide you want to buy a pair of cheap sunglasses because summer is coming up.  You have exactly enough money to cover the price at which the seller is willing to make a trade with you.  Unfortunately…

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